Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Create Your Own Hammock Stand

Not every homeowner has a space in their own backyard that can accommodate a hammock. In order to fully enjoy the benefits or advantages of having this kind of sling, one needs to place it in a location where it is properly installed. The hammock needs to be stretched for just the right amount of length, nothing more and nothing less. When it is overstretched, there is not a lot of comfort on the side of the user. When it is under stretched, the user of the hammock would likely find himself touching the ground. This is where a hammock stand is very useful.

Through a stand, one can place his hammock in a location where it can be very useful even if the space is quite limited. A hammock stand can also be very convenient for homeowners since they can easily adjust the length of the posts where the sling is attached. When the trees are used as posts, an individual would have a difficult time in finding the perfect length for the hammock. This stand is normally included in the purchase of hammocks that requires it but in its absence, a person can just create a homemade hammocks stand.

There a number of materials to be needed in creating a homemade  hammocks  stand. These are two pieces 4 x 4 wood that is six feet as well as eight feet long, a Miter saw, measuring tape, electric driller, five pieces ½ x 2 inch bolts, four pieces 3/8 x 2 inch bolts, 12 pieces of 3/8 inch nuts, and 24 pieces of 3/8 inch washers.

The ends of the six feet long woods must be cut in a 30-degree angle with the help of the miter saw. For each end of the eight feet woods, at least one foot must be measured and must be marked using a pencil. The eight-foot woods must be placed on a flat surface and then the angled end of the six feet wood pieces should be near the one-foot marks. The six-foot pieces must be angled outwards so that the other eight-foot wood would be placed on top. The six-foot pieces must be in between the eight-foot ones.

There must be at least four holes in the woods to be used and then the ½ x 2 inch bolts, nuts, and washers would be used to secure them. A person must make sure that everything is tightly screwed. One tip regarding the screwing part, the knobs must be turned clockwise until it comes to a full stop.

Every wood piece to be used must be measured so as to find its four-foot section. The four-foot pieces would serve as the base of the stand when it is now already being used. A hole would be drilled on each side of the eight-foot wood pieces. In order to attach the pieces together, the 3/8 x 2 inch bolts, washers, and nuts would be used. To avoid any safety issues in the future, those must be tightly screwed.

To make the creation of a  hammocks  stand much easier, a person can ask the help of any of his relatives.

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